Schools, nonprofits/NGOs, social services agencies, shelters, houses of worship, and other community-minded organizations


Hello and thank you for your interest in The Giving Trees!

As we prepare to deliver Christmas tree (plus stands, lights, and ornaments) to individuals and families in need around the world this holiday season, The Giving Trees relies on school social workers / family support teams, nonprofits/NGOs, social services agencies, shelters, and other community-minded groups to connect with those who'd benefit from a little extra joy in the form of a free Christmas tree.

🌲 In 2020, our first year, we delivered 117 trees around the Pacific Northwest
🌲 In 2021, we delivered 721 trees across 12 US states
🌲 In 2022, we plan to deliver 1,442 trees across all 50 US states + 5 countries other than the US

To help in this regard, we have two requests for our community partners, please:

  1. Complete the form below so that we:

    • Understand which organizations are inviting individuals and families to request a tree

    • Can follow up with you both after we deliver the trees and next year when it's time to deliver more trees

  2. Invite individuals and families to the Tree Request Form so we can deliver trees to them this holiday season

If you and/or others in your organization are interested, here's how our project works:

  1. Express interest: Complete the form below (asap) so we know you're interested in inviting individuals/families who'd like a tree.

  2. Confirm + provide more info: As soon as you submit the form, we'll send you the 2022 flyer + a blurb that you can relay as you see fit.

  3. Identify families: You spread the word to those who might like a tree.

  4. Recipients submit form: By 11/30/22, those who want a tree complete the Tree Request Form (You may complete the form on the recipient's behalf.)

  5. Coordinate: We reach out to the recipient to coordinate delivering their tree between Nov 26-Dec 18 (we support multiple languages, as needed).

  6. Deliver: We deliver the tree at the pre-arranged time.

Good for you to know:

  • The Giving Trees delivers Christmas trees in major cities across all 50 states, as well as a handful of other countries.

  • We do not promise that everyone will receive a tree until we confirm with them (one way or the other), which is no later than 11/30/22.

  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to deliver to someone who has registered for a tree, we notify them asap (on or before 11/30/22) and firmly guarantee them a tree in 2023. Since we launched in 2020, we have fulfilled 100% of requests.

  • The Giving Trees is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit that, thanks to private funding, provides this service - including Christmas tree, accessories, and delivery - at no cost to those receiving this gift.

  • We take everyone's privacy extremely seriously. All personal information shared with us is used solely by The Giving Trees team for fulfilling tree requests. We never share or sell any personal information outside of The Giving Trees project.

  • If you'd prefer we deliver the tree(s) to a central location rather than directly to the recipients home, we are happy to work with you on that. Where possible, we like to deliver the trees directly. We also deliver to shelters and group homes.

  • You'll see photos of tree recipients in some of our materials. Recipients have sent us these photos and feedback, granting us explicit permission to include their images. However, we never require anyone to take or share photos.

  • If you'd like a sense of the registration process for those requesting a tree, visit

  • If you'd potentially like to volunteer for The Giving Trees, either to deliver in your area or in some other way, please visit

  • The Giving Trees team is grateful for your commitment to our community and we'd love the opportunity to partner with you.

For more partner feedback, click here.

For additional information about The Giving Trees:

To invite families to receive a tree, complete the form below by 10/31.

If you experience difficulty accessing the form below, go here.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Chad Barker & Family
Founders, The Giving Trees
415-999-0741 (mobile/text)

Please complete the below form by October 31st: