Dollar Tree & The Giving Trees

Dollar Tree & The Giving Trees: Partnering to deliver trees around the US

The Giving Trees is excited to partner once again with Dollar Tree to deliver Christmas trees + gift bags with stands, lights, and ornaments to families in need.

The majority of the items we include in the gift bags are purchased from Dollar Tree. Because of the tremendous value - as well as being able to work with the great teams both at the local stores and in Dollar Trees corporate offices - Dollar Tree is the perfect partner in helping us serve as many families as possible.

This year, Dollar Tree employees are invited to help us deliver Christmas trees directly to families in your local area who need a little extra joy this holiday season.

Add your name to the list of potential delivery volunteers

If you are interested in helping us deliver trees in your local area, visit

With warmest regards,
The Giving Trees

Thank you, Dollar Tree, for your support in
serving 721 families during the 2021 holiday season