Help deliver Christmas trees to those in need
(around the globe)

Thank you for your interest in delivering Christmas trees!

We need your help delivering free Christmas trees to individuals and families both
across the United States and in other countries around the world.

Delivering Christmas trees is, by far, the most enjoying and rewarding aspect of The Giving Trees. Whether you're delivering solo, with friends, or as a family, nothing compares to the interactions our reindeer have when showing up at someone's door with a tree, other goodies, and a smile.

🌲 In 2020, our first year, we delivered 117 trees around the Pacific Northwest
🌲 In 2021, we delivered 721 trees across 12 US states
🌲 In 2022, we delivered 2,327 trees across 32 US states + 11 countries

To help us serve as many families as possible this season, please:

1. Review the volunteer delivery (aka 'reindeer') information below
2. Complete the form at the bottom of this page (or jump straight to the form)

Each tree recipient received the following items:

🌲 Christmas tree (Usually a natural Douglas Fir that is ~5 ft / ~1.5 m in height)*

🌲 Tree stand (Ex: Oasis 6 ft tree stand from Lowe's)** 

🌲 Lights ~300 bulbs (Ex: 3 boxes of Holiday Living White Lights @ Lowe's)**

🌲 Ornaments + hooks (Ex: ornaments from Dollar Tree)**

🌲 Other small holiday decorations/treats, as you see fit (Ex: Dollar Tree items)**
**Lowe's & Dollar Tree sponsor us, so for N. American deliveries, we shop there when feasible.

"Having the wonderful opportunity to deliver trees for The Giving Trees these past two years has been an exceptional opportunity. The recipients of the trees, ornaments, and stands have filled me with joy. Whether a gleeful child’s smile and excitement or the thankfulness on the faces of adult parents, it lifts one’s spirits.  I hope to have the opportunity to deliver trees again."

- Terry, Delivery Volunteer, 2020 & 2021

Here's how the delivery process typically works:

Good for you to know:

To add your name to the list of potential deliverers, please complete the form below

Again, thank you. We literally cannot do this without you and others helping us deliver trees.

Warm regards,
The Giving Trees