Delivering Christmas trees
in Portland, Salem, and Vancouver

We already have enough delivery volunteers in the Portland area for the 2023 season. Please feel free to add your name via the form below and we will contact you next summer when we start planning deliveries for the 2024 holiday season.

Thank you for your interest in delivering Christmas trees this season!

🌲 This holiday season, we will deliver 750 trees to individuals and families in need.
🌲 90% of these deliveries will be in Oregon and southern Washington. 

We need help in order to deliver to this many families, so please:
We are currently looking to register interested individuals for the upcoming Christmas season.  Registering and adding your name to the list does not commit you to delivering a tree.  We will follow up with you later in November to confirm your interest and provide further information.

With that, please:
1. Review the information below
2. Add your name to the list of potential delivery volunteers

"Having the wonderful opportunity to deliver trees for The Giving Trees these past two years has been an exceptional opportunity. The recipients of the trees, ornaments, and stands have filled me with joy. Whether a gleeful child’s smile and excitement or the thankfulness on the faces of adult parents, it lifts one’s spirits.  I hope to have the opportunity to deliver trees again."  - Terry, Delivery Volunteer, 2020 & 2021

What's good to know

To volunteer as a potential tree deliverer...

To volunteer as a potential tree deliverer in the Portland/Salem/Vancouver areas, please complete the form below.

Warm regards,
The Giving Trees